Sunday, April 18, 2010

My name is Stacey and I.....

well, let's just say I have plenty of issues!! I could write a book about all the things that I think are wrong with me, but I am not sure it would sell, so I will just ramble on this blog to empty my head out a bit! I would like to say that wouldn't take long, but.....

I am a big Disney fan. I have always loved Mickey Mouse. I haven't visited Disney World near as many times as I would have liked, but I will go every chance I get. I have gone more in the last few years (since my children were old enough to say they wanted to go back) than I did in my childhood years. I am kind of surprised that my husband continues to agree to go. I can't really tell if HE likes to go or if he likes to go because it makes me and the kids happy. Either way, he is the BEST!!! Truly more of a husband than I deserve! God is so good to me!

So, we went 2 times in 2009. In March, we went and we all started this Pin Trading hobby. More like pin buying, to me. I am obsessed with it! It is consuming me so much more than it should! We went back in September of 2009 and again I bought pins. We took the Disney cruise and Disney parks in March of this year - and SURPRISE! - again, we bought and traded for pins. I have joined forums, searched (ok, stalked) eBay, and until wee hours of the morning. I have made little pin monsters out of my children. My husband is much more selective and has much more self control than I do when it comes to this new hobby of mine. He is even going with me to Disney's Pin Trading Celebration in August! THREE WHOLE DAYS OF SPECIAL PIN TRADING AND BUYING!!! I just about cant wait! It is so bad that I am even having dreams about pin trading! Seriously, what is wrong with me??? Okay, don't answer that!

I follow Disney on Facebook and Twitter! Twitter is new to me and I am just now getting to know my way around it. My husband is teaching me!! He follows Kirstie Alley. Now, I am not sure how he came to choose to follow her, but she follows him, too. I decided to follow them also - you know to keep my eye on them! Anyway, she has some amazing energy! Her tweets exhaust me! She seems as bubbly as one person can be! Please, Kirstie, share the secret! If I had that kind of energy, I could conquer the laundry and house cleaning and still have time for pin collecting!

So, now tell me, do you collect and/or trade Disney pins or any other item that keeps you on edge??? Please, tell me I am not alone! PLEASE!!

Drop me a line or comment - and be nice! Until next time......

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  1. Just to support your habit a bit....there's a pin-trading cruise too :)

    Anna loves the pins.....although when it comes time to trade she can't quite give up her own pins she's come to know and love. So, hers is a pin-buying problem too.

    I can't relate to you on the pins or the collection "addiction", but I definitely have the Disney addiction. Just spent hours yesterday planning our trip in June :)